Works from 2000 to……

Many of the works from year 2000 are mentioned in other sections of this website.  They include:

1)  “Gitanjali”  SATB Chorus and 9 brass plus keyboard (all “Gitanjali” texts are by R. Tagore)

2)  various choral works with texts by Tagore including “Gitanjali VI” for chorus and keyboard;  “Gitanjali VIII” for solo sorpano voice and 6 keyboards (premiered in Milano, Italy, Sept. 17, 2000); “passage through-2000” for SATB chorus and string quartet (Tagore); “A Final Moment” for 16 solo voices and variable instruments (Tagore).

3)  “Stimmen des letzten Siegels” , text by King Ludwig II, for SATB Chorus, 4 celli, organ, harp, percussion  (premiered at the Frauenkirche, Munich, Oct. 2001, conducted by Alexander Hermann, Chrismos Ensemble, released on an Innova cd)


2001 Compositions

1)  “In Flight”  SATB Chorus and organ (originally the Angelic Chorus from the Singspiel)

2)  “Apparition”  for 20 (or 40 or 80) string basses; written for David Heyes, GB

3)  “Rätsel I”  (Text by Alexander Hermann), for SATB Chorus, piccolo, oboe, bassoon, horn, harp, celeste, viola, cello, marimba, vibraphone (approx 7 min.)

4)  “Rätsel II” (Text by Paul Fleming, 1609-1640); for soprano voices, flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, horn, trombone, celeste, harp, guitar, vibraphone, small string ensemble of Vl 1 and 2, violas, celli, string basses

5)  “robe de soir”  (Text by Pablo Picasso)  mentioned in the Choral section of the web site


2002 Compositions

1)  “Waltz from the Grazer Altstadt”  for piano

2)  “Yahrzeit” for men’s chorus in a new version with string orchestra

3)  “The Stones of Machu Picchu” (Text by James Skofield), for 3 choruses and 3 instrumental ensembles

Group 1:   SATB Chorus, 1 trumpet in C, 2 horns, 1 trombone, 1 bass trombone; percussion of 2 timpani, large tam, chimes

Group 2)   SATB Chorus, 2 trumpets in C, 1 horn, 2 trombones, tuba; percussion of 2 timpani, bass drum, chimes

Group 3)  SATB Chorus, 2 horns, 2 trombones, 1 bass trombone; percussion of 2 timpani, bass drum, tam, glockenspiel


4)  “Rain Forest” for one piano, eight hands


2003 Compositions

1)  “Pegasus: A Labyrinth” for flute, viola, harp

a 12-tone nightmare for Südwest Rundfunk

2)  “Pegasus: In Trance”   for flute, viola, harp

3)  “Knie-Variations” for SATB chorus and cell phones

4)  “Three Celtic Settings”  (Text by R. S. Thomas) for SATB chorus and organ (with pre-recorded rain)

5)  “Morgenstern Variations”  for flute, viola, cello, harp, cembalo

6)  “Cortege” for 3 trumpets in C, horn, 3 trombones, contra-bass trombone, tuba

7)  “Harmonia Sacra”  Purcell/Moran, for SATB chorus

Two mini-operas (refer under that title):

“Your Pig is Dead”            “Whether Standing or Sitting”


2004 Compositions

1)  “Veil of Tears”   for orchestra divided into three ensembles; 3 flutes, 3 oboes, 3 clarinets, bass clarinet, bassoon, contra-bassoon, 4 trumpets in C, 5 horns, 2 trombones, bass trombone, strings, piano, synthesizer, celeste, harp, 3 percussion

2)  Added 2 new instrumnets to “Pegasus: A Labyrinth” (vibraphone and prepared piano)

3)  “Das Gesetz der Zeit….Vielleicht”  for organ, 3 performers (Premiere  May 9, 2004, Philadelphia Cathedral with Robert Ridgell and Alexander Hermann)

4)  “Tears into Dust”  (Text-ancient Chinese poem)  SATB chorus, harp, cello, organ (Premiere  Nov. 4, 2004

5)  “Spring into Winter” for sorpanos and organ; an xmas present to the Philadelphia Pink Sisters for their xmas concert, Dec. 19, 2004


2005  Compositions

1)  “Processional”  wedding march for organ; composed for the wedding ceremony of Soo Jin and Robert Ridgell May 2005;  recorded on Innova by Mr. Ridgell

2)  “So Suddenly a War”  information on this short chamber opera under ‘mini- operas’

3)  “Von unsagbaren Dingen”  (Text by Meister Eckhart) for 2 SATB choruses, organ, 4 trumpets, horn, 4 trombones, tuba, 4 alp horns; Premiere via Chrismos Ensemble, conducted by Alexander Hermann, Nov. 27, 2005, Munich

4)   “Cortege” for 4 trumpets in C, horn, 3 trombones, contrabass trombone, tuba; premiere on Nov. 27, 2005, Munich, conducted by Alexander Hermann; on the Innova cd label

5)   “Notturno in Weiss”  (Text by Christian Morgenstern), for 2 SATB choruses and 2 harps (2 conductors); the two vocal ensembles and harp are placed at a great distance from each other, preferably in a space such as a cathedral.


2006 Compositions

1)  “….da entstünde ein Engel…”  (Text by Meister Eckhart), for SATB chorus, organ and brass ensemble (4 trumpets in C, horn, 3 trombones, bass trombone, tuba; premiere in 2006, Ingoldstadt Dom (Bavaria) with Chrismos Ensemble and the Grassauer Bläserensemble, conducted by Alexander Hermann, recorded on Innova

2)  “Der andere weg”, an aria for baritone voice, oboe, and organ

3)  “Sonnenuntergang”  (Text by Hölderlin) for SATB chorus;  commissioned by the WDR Chorus in Cologne

4)  “Kboco” for percussion ensemble of 6 players, plus prepared piano, celeste, etc.); commissioned by the University of Iowa Dance Department and performed on Nov. 4, 2006 via the Iowa Percussion, conducted by Dan Moore


2007 Compositions

1)  “Music from the Towers of the Moon” in a new version for string orchestra; premiered at the State University of New York, Fredonia in 2007, conducted by Maestro David Rudge

2)  “Munich Miniature No. 1”  for SATB chorus

3)  Two Italian songs (in a series, text by Renzo Oliva)


2008 Compositions

1) Third and Fourth Italian Songs for soprano voice, oboe, violin, cello, keyboard

2)  “Stirling: It’s Raining Cats and Dogs”  for gigantic percussion ensemble and pre-recorded rain; commissioned by Patti and Michael Scullin; premiered on April 12, 2008 at the University of Iowa, Iowa Percussion conducted by Dan Moore

3)  “Meister Eckhart and the Point of No Return” for percussion ensemble; triangle, maraca, 3 temple blocks, 3 cowbells, 3 bongos, 3 cymbals, 3 toms, tam, piano, marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, chimes; on the Innova label featuring the Iowa Percussion conducted by Dan Moore

4)  “By Any Other Name: a marimba quartet”


2009 Compositions

1)  “Yahrzeit” in a new version for SATB Chorus, composed for Grant Cocheran, Anchorage, Alaska

2)  “Vesper” for organ and any one additional instrument

3)  “Requiem for Edith”   3 songs for soprano voice, oboe and piano (Text by Charles Coe)

“An Empty Garden”, “Saturday Morning”, “Migrations”


2010 Compositions

1)  “Alice” full evening ballet for full orchestra; commissioned by the Scottish Ballet and choreographed by Ashley Page

2)  “Disc of the Sun”   for SATB Chorus, solo cello, percussion

3)   “Trinity Requiem” for children’s chorus, 4 celli, harp, (handbells, if used in the original Pie Jesu section); commissioned by Robert Ridgell, Trinity Wall Street and recorded for its Sept. 11 2011 release on Innova, premiered at the Basilica of St. Paul, St. Paul, Minnesota, conducted by Maestro Ridgell on Sept. 11, 2011; further performances were that week at Trinity Wall Street.  Two performances in Bavaria, conducted by Beatrice Menz.   The requiem recording was heard on over 450 radio stations on Sept. 11  2011.  On July 1, 2013, the Philadelphia Boys Choir presented this work at Notre Dame, in Paris, France

4)  “Bats in the Belfrey” mini opera for solo soprano, alto, tenor, bass voices and 5 ‘stations’ of percussion; (Text by Gertrude Stein), written for and premiered by Dan Moore and the Iowa Percussion, Dec. 4 2010

5)  “Tango Neurotica”  for 8 string basses


2011 Compositions

1)  “Buddha goes to Bayreuth” (now PART II of the two-part, 60 minute work) for 2 SATB choruses and 2 string ensembles (of at least 10 players per group); Text is an ancient Tibetan Buddhist mantra; this large portion of the work is approximately 40 minutes duration.  Commissioned by the Ruhr Triennale 2011 in the Oberhausen gasometer.   The premiere was conducted by Rupert Huber.

2)  “The Lottery” a contemporary dance ballet of approximatley 30 minutes, based upon the Shirley Jackson short story; commissioned by Ballet West, Salt Lake City, premiere in Spring 2013, with a gala/guest performance in Chicago, October 2013


2012 Compositions

1)  “Trinity Requiem”, a new version for SATB chorus, 4 celli, harp and organ; commissioned by the Philadelphia Mendelssohn Club, premiered at the Philadelphia Basilica of St. Peter and Paul, Oct. 21 2012, conducted by Alan Harler; the Philadelphia Boy’s Choir joined the Club for three of the movements.

2)  “Spiel vom Antichrist” (Game of the Antichrist) in Latin; from a 14th century mystery play (Bavaria), for many ensembles including chorus, divided into three different groups, solo voices, youth chorus, instrumental ensembles including brass group, harp and recorders, organ, alp horn, dancers and gigantic puppets; premiered in the Munich area, two performances, November 2012, conducted by Alexander Hermann and Beatrice Menz

3)  “Angele Dei”  (“Angel of God”, an ancient prayer in Latin) for two SATB choruses at great distances from each other, two conductors, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 trumpets, 4 horns, 3 trombones, harp, organ, glass harmonica;  premiered at the Philadelphia Basilica   Oct. 21 2012 as the first part of the program with the new version of Trinity Requiem.  Conducted by Alan Harler

4)  “Sepulcher of Sound” for organ and piano


2013 Compositions

1)  “The World is Round” a short (15 minute) opera on the children’s book of the same title by Gertrude Stein;  composed for a youth chorus plus tenors and baritones; commissioned by the Philadelphia Boy Choir;   the SATB chorus is accompanied by violin, clarinet, horn, string bass, harp, percussion and piano; premiered on June 2 2013, First Baptist Church in Philadelphia.  This chorus presented the European premiere on July 2, 2013 at La Madeleine, Paris, France.

2)  “Eclipse” for 17 solo strings, commissioned by the Stuttgart Kammerorchester; 9 violins, 4 violas, 3 celli, 1 string bass, conducted by Rupert Huber on May 10 2014, Stuttgart; it’s second performance is at the Salzburg Festival on May 17 2014

3)  “Buddha goes to Bayreuth” Part I  (the new short 20 minute portion of this full evening work) with the same two SATB choral groups, the two string ensembles with the addition of a solo counter-tenor voice (another ancient Buddhist mantra); conducted on May 16 2014 by Rupert Huber, Salzburg Festival.

4)  “Spring in Winter” (Text by Christopher Smart) in a new version for SATB chous with harp and organ; commissioned by Robert Ridgell; premiered December 2013

5)  “Waltz” for piano 4 hands; originally “Waltz: In Memoriam Maurice Ravel” for piano, this work is written for and dedicated to Marvin Rosen.


2014 Compositions

1)  “Within a Day”  for and in collaboration with Edward Schocker and Thingamajigs, Bay Area, California; premiered January 17, 2014, San Francisco; recording released on INNOVA with “Game of the Antichrist”

2) “Fantasia Furiosa” for violin, trumpet, cello piano; commissioned by Manuel Eberle, premiered in Fall 2014, Ingolstadt

3)  “Bach’s Smoking” a short work for children’s chorus and keyboard; premiere set for Spring 2015, Indiana

4)  “Fisches Nachtgesang” (after Christian Morgenstern), for SATB Chorus; premiere planned for a major choral festival, Dortmund, on Oct. 2 2015

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