At present, some of the recordings listed below are out-of-print.  Various earlier recordings are now available on the Innova Label and marked here as ***

For information on any of these recordings, plus others on Innova, contact the composer directly!

Rocky Road To Kansas
Erik Johnson/Andrew Morrell/Joseph Goodrich/Kevin Hanson]
This work for various percussionists and variable instruments, piano/prepared piano, guitar;
the title offers musical information on the work itself, coming from a name given to a quilting pattern

32 Cryptograms for Derek Jarman ***
[Charlie Barber & Band]
a chamber score commissioned by Charlie Barber and his ensemble Sound Affairs,
in Wales, GB, premiered and recorded by that ensemble;
this work was later choreographed by Ashley Page for the Royal Ballet at Covent Garden;
this score has been presented by Sound Affairs on a number of tours throughout England

Requiem: Chant du cygne
[Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia/Alan Harler/Concerto Soloists of Philadelphia]
Requiem: Chant du cygne is a non-traditional requiem
for four choruses and four chamber
commissioned and premiered by the Philadelphia Mendelssohn Club,
conducted by Alan Harler; The recording was made in Spring 1994 by this ensemble.
The Requiem has had further performances in the USA, and portions of the work have been danced at the Theater am Gärtnerplatz in Munich, Philip Taylor, choreographer.
The text to this Requiem is by Mozart.
This work has always been paired with a performance of the Mozart Requiem.
The third and final movement uses the 12-tone row found by Darius Milhaud
in the graveyard scene of Mozart’s “Don Giovanni”

L’apres-midi du Dracoula
for any sound producing instruments
recorded with Moran’s San Francisco New Music Ensemble
[also on the LP are works by Logothetis, Rush and Cage]

In Memoriam Maurice Ravel
Moran’s collection of piano waltzes, with his 16 other waltzes on this recording included those by Sessions, Cage, Glass, etc. (see Index of Works, Chamber Works)

Musikprotokoll 1975
ORF (Austrian Radio)
This LP is a release of three works including Moran’s commissioned city score
(in a montage mix for this LP) “Pachelbel Promenade”
variations and improvisations on the Pachelbel Canon for numerous chamber ensembles;
the two other composers represented by shorter works are Haubenstock-Ramati and Neuwirth

Ten Miles High Over Albania
for eight harps, with harpist Mario Falcao, multi-tracking the original recording
MFE Records [CD of three composers including Moran, Glass and Cage]
This work was commissioned by the Phyllis Lamhut Dance Company and premiered
in six performances at the Joyce Theater, NYC, in early 1980s, and has been heard in
live performance in Tokyo, Rio, etc..
Moran’s orchestration (a version for chamber ensemble) of the Phillip Glass work enitled
Modern Love Waltz
[written for Moran’s Nonesuch Waltz Collection]
is heard on this MFE recording, along with Moran’s
For John Cage: A Memorial

Desert of Roses   ***
Arias and Inventions from the opera of the same name, with soprano Jayne West and
London’s Piano Circus Band, conducted by Craig Smith
[the librettist for the opera is Michael John LaChiusa]
ARGO/LONDON Records: ARGO 436 128-2
[Moran’s first CD for this London label]
Also on this CD is the second recording of
Ten Miles High Over Albania
with harpist, Mario Falcao
together with the recording premiere of

Open Veins   ***
for violinist Alexander Balanescu and chamber ensemble Piano Circus Band
conducted by the composer

Music from the Towers of the Moon
ARGO 436 565-2
The Balanescu Quartet presents the works of Moran, Byrne, Lurie & Torke
 on this CD
Music from the Towers of the Moon” was written at the request of Balanescu
for his quartet and this recording
The four sections incorporate materials from the opera, “From the Towers of the Moon”
The recording and work have been danced throughout Europe, the USA and Japan

Three Dances for six synthesizers.  
ARGO/LONDON  Records: ARGO 440 294-2
Piano Circus of London presents the works of Volans, Lang, Reich on this CD, and concludes with      Moran’s “Three Dances”
This work, like the above listed ones, has been danced throughout Europe, the USA and Japan

Seven Sounds Unseen   ***
CATALYST/BMG-RCA: Catalyst  09026-61822-2
commissioned by BMG for Musica Sacra, conducted by Richard Westenburg
Seven Sounds Unseen”
 is composed for 20 solo voices.
[The text in Part II is made up of fragments, statements, etc. from various letters, 1960-86,
to Moran from friend, John Cage]
This CD, OF ETERNAL LIGHT, also includes works by Monk Messiaen, Ligeti, etc.
“Seven Sounds Unseen” has been heard in performances throughout the USA and Europe.
The three sections of this score have been recorded on various choral group CD collections.

The Dracula Diary
The first opera commissioned by a member of the recording industry, “The Dracula Diary”
was composed for small chamber opera forces: 6 singers, 6 instruments, and released in
October 1994 after its premiere at Houston Grand Opera with the recording cast including
James Maddelena, Raymond Very, Jill Grove, Laura Knoop, etc. The librettist is James Skofield.
(Refer to OPERAS, for further information and libretto)

Points of Departure
recorded on the ARGO/LONDON Records CD: DANCE MIX
various dance works for orchestra by a series of contemporary composers including
Bernstein, Adams, etc..
Moran’s “Points of Departure” is for full orchestra, and on this recording heard
with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, conducted by David Zinman
This works has had numerous performances throughout the USA
with scheduled performances into 2002


on youtube:

L’apres-midi du Dracoula (1966)


32 Cryptograms for derek Jarman  (1995)


Requiem: Chant du Cygne  (1990)


Rocky Road to Kansas  (1995)


Elegant Journey with Stopping Points of Interest–E


Aria from opera “Desert of Roses”


From the Towers of the Moon (for String quartet)



“Divertissement III”  Paper Bag Opera, BBC TV production in the streets around the Bank of London, 1971


Here is a link to various earlier recorded works at live performances, mainly in San Francisco:

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