Hello and welcome to this new website…. new for me, as I’m a techno-nerd and clueless.   So for the moment I’m trying to update and select what is possible for this space, things of interest, some activities and future plans.   Hoping this will be of some help…


Robert Moran

I know I should give more details here, but can do so in a month or so.  Next May 2014,  the wonderful Stuttgarter Kammerorchester will present the commissioned “ECLIPSE” for 17 solo strings.   About a week later, at the new music event, Salzburg Festival in Austria, ECLIPSE will have its second performance…. and another full evening of my completed “Buddha goes to Bayreuth”, for counter-tenor, two choruses and two string orchestras, world premiere.   Like the Part II of “Buddha goes to Bayreuth” in the amazing gasometer, Oberhausen, Germany two years ago, commissioned by the Ruhr Triennale, many friends from Philadelphia, Paris, all over Bavaria, Spain, etc. converged for that premiere…. great seeing everyone there during and after the beautifully performed concert (conducted by incredible Maestro Rupert Huber). Join us in Salzburg for some great Austrian germknödel and some Buddha-music!

But I should back up to about mid-January 2014, with hopes that a San Francisco grant comes through to get me out there and work on a new composition with the ensemble Thingamajigs and friend Edward Schocker.  Hoping to assemble a new sound-score for a recording…and get it up on Innova soon.

Speaking of the label Innova:  looks like the next cd, set for some time in 2014, will include a live performance from Munich… “The Game of the Antichrist” with an ensemble(s) of what is nearly fifty or more performers: children’s chorus, three SATB choruses, brass ensemble; mini-Baroque groups, harp, organ, etc… with some actors, dancers, etc..

This multi-media performance, a reworking on an ancient Bavarian mysteriumspiel, will be followed by the 15 minute opera, commissioned and premiered by the Philadelphia Boy’s Chorus, conducted by Jeff Smith.  “The World is Round”  (see Mini-Operas) with its famous text by Gertrude “A rose is a rose is a rose” Stein, is for SATB chorus (the boy sopranos/altos, and some tenors and baritones thrown in, so the work can be performed by any SATB chorus up to  say about 30 singers) and accompanied by about six instruments including piano and percussion.  This should be a wild duo for any cd.  More news as this develops.

The Philadelphia Boy’s Chorus plus the lower male voice presented “The World is Round” here in Philadelphia (world premiere), then gave its European premiere at La Madeleine in Paris in early July 2013.   The day before that, this same ensemble sang portions of my Trinity Requiem at Notre Dame.


Hoping for the best!  The Zagreb Ballet, super-fine ensemble in Croatia, is planning a new production of ALICE (originally commissioned and created via Scottish Ballet) for this coming June 2014…… only problem is:  choreographer Ashley Page is booked with another project and, with hopes, has found another person to ‘set’ the work on the Zagreb dancers.   I really want to get back to Zagreb and see old friends there… it’s been decades!   And ALICE would look great in that opera house there.

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